Asterisk continues to speak Russian!

    A wonderful gift for all lovers of the world of open communications - the next release of a unique Russian-language voice package for IP PBX Asterisk has been released. More than 600 phrases and words adapted for the “Russian ear” are available for free use!

    A great way to test your skills in teaching foreigners the Great and the Mighty is to try to explain to the machine how to correctly pronounce phrases in Russian. It is not easy, but possible. More than 10 years have passed since the first version of the software IP PBX open source Asterisk. All this time, experts have been trying to teach the PBX to properly speak with users in Russian - to prompt which key to press to call a particular function, to remind you how many messages are in the answering machine, etc. But there was no successful voice pack. That greeting of voicemail breaks off on the phrase “You have no new ...” due to the lack of the necessary file, then the phrases themselves are pronounced “clumsily”. And the timbre of voice, literacy of speech often left much to be desired. In addition, those packages that were not always covered the whole variety of functions,

    And now, the situation has moved forward. The Russian community of "asteriskers" received the most complete and competent voice Russification. The result of almost two years of evolution of the idea is more than one and a half thousand words, phrases and additional exclusive expressions that will allow you to speak in Russian not only the Asterisk, but even the main functional codes of FreePBX. Add to this a pleasant female voice, competent professional speech and the absence of any kind of payment - the full package can be freely downloaded from the site and used for business purposes!

    Another small “spoon of honey in a barrel of honey” is the possibility for a very small fee to supplement the voice package with individual phrases - for example, a telephone greeting with the name of the organization. It is noteworthy that it will be recorded in the voice of the same speaker who voiced the main package.

    The new release can be downloaded from the Internet at . The developers are waiting for feedback from the Russian Asterisk user community and plan to develop and support the project of Russification of the voice menu in the future.

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