ToCyrillic: extension for Google Chrome

    Having finally installed Google Chrome on my home computer, the first thing I did was to look for an alternative to the usual addons for Firefox.

    The most commonly used addon is the well-known Transliterator .

    A search in the Google Chrome Extension Gallery yielded several results, but none of the extensions suited me. First of all, the lack of support for WYSIWYG editors (TinyMCE, gmail etc.).

    All this plus X free time encouraged me to write my extension.

    Some technical details

    ToCyrillic is based on a content script .
    This script suspends the global onkeyup / onkeydown listener on each page, which in turn changes the Latin characters to Russian in an editable HTML text element.

    Replace mode is activated by pressing the F2 key and.


    1. Page on Google Chrome Extension Gallery
    2. Google Code Project





    The table for translit conversion is taken from .
    I can supplement the article with technical details (if there is interest). The

    article was typed using ToCyrillic extenssion :)

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