Yandex in Minsk - presentations and impressions

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In mid-April, we held three major events in Minsk related to the launch of : a press conference, Saturday and the Yandex.Direct Workshop. By tradition, speaker presentations are available in pdf:

Andrey Sebrant, “ Why Yandex Baynet
Alexander Sadovsky, “ How to get more traffic
Mikhail Senin, “ Search for a site
Leonid Shnyr, “ On the role of maps in progressive website building
Roman Ivanov, “ Yandex.Bar Opportunities
Anton Zabannykh, “ Yandex.Mail and People
Tigran Khudaverdyan, “ Traffic from the Yandex home page
Tatyana Isaeva, “ Yandex.News
Anton Volnukhin, “ Blog Search ” and “ Belarusian Blogosphere

We returned from Minsk luminous. Anton Popov, head of sales marketing, wants to stay in Minsk: “I was in Minsk for the first time - this is a magical city. Wide avenues, low houses, lots of space, lots of space. It's probably good to do there. The audience is cool. We gathered a large number of people, I liked how actively everyone talked and asked questions. ”

Lidia Tretyakova, Head of Regional Sales: “The audience of the seminar was close, involved. We are already processing the lists of those who came :) And they are met in Minsk and the truth is always good. The treats were magnificent. ”

What I remember most was the feeling that I arrived in California before the start of the Gold Rush. A lot of resources lie "on the surface", now in Belarus it is a high time to make good projects. A fairly low start-up cost + a large audience growth + a good level of specialists = excellent chances for a quick growth of the Internet.

As usual, we carefully recorded the speeches on video to show them later to everyone who could not attend. Unfortunately, part of the plans were not destined to come true: the ashes of the volcano Aytysvideokudadl (it began to erupt on April 14 along with opening remarks at a press conference) lit up all the films. Despite the fact that the best technological capacities of the company were used to restore information, we managed to get only one miraculously preserved frame.

Alexander Laryanovsky with memories of Belarus.

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