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On April 12th, we invited you on a journey through the past . For more than three weeks, four decades have passed on the Yandex main page, and now we have arrived back - now.

We hope that we managed to convey the spirit of the time, recalling beautiful music, interesting films, important events and outstanding personalities.

It is interesting to see what has become the hallmark of every decade, that is, it was most popular with you.

So the 60s .

The "news" - the first human flight into space , Lev Landau - Nobel laureate Theodore Maiman demonstrates the first laser , Larisa Latynina again brings to the Olympic Games six gold medals, of The the Beatles crowds of fans in Amsterdam, Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor get their first Oscars.

The most popular songs of the decade were:

Oh, Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison
Hello, I Love You - The Doors
Boom Bang-A-Bang - Lulu

Images - symbols of the era: 60s Fashion , Fiat-124 , Sandra Dee .

The hit of the music video was the song "Stars Are Waiting for Us" performed by Larisa Mondrus. Soviet cosmonauts, in particular, Yuri Gagarin, took part in the filming of the clip.


Director Vladimir Motyl proposed a new vision of the Civil War , The Beatles release their latest album - Let It Be , Elvis Presley - on tour again after a long break, Tu-144 - the first airliner to exceed the speed of sound, Vasily Alekseev recognized as the most powerful person planet, Alexander Solzhenitsyn awarded the Nobel Prize in literature.

Among time travelers, the following music enjoyed special love:

Do Wah Diddy Diddy - Manfred Mann
Hit The Road Jack - Ray Charles
Child In Time - Deep Purple

In the images they noticed: VAZ-2101 , “Eared Cossack” , Aston Martin Lagonda

Joe Dassin with the hit "Salut" , whose author, by the way, Toto Cutugno, became a symbol of the era in the video.


Moscow hosts the Summer Olympics , a rock music festival takes place in Tbilisi , IBM released a personal computer: 5150 IBM PC, Gabriel Garcia Marquez receives the Nobel Prize in literature, Sony launches CD players , Apple launches Apple Lisa PCs , magazine Time ”calls the computer the man of the year .

In music, preference is given to the following compositions:
  Always On My Mind - Pet Shop Boys
  The Lady In Red - Chris De Burgh
  Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson

Images symbolizing the era: the series “Dynasty” , kooshu , Madonna The soundtrack to the film “Boom” performed by Richard Sanderson

became the hit video . 90s The first FIDO node was created in Russia , the first site on the World Wide Web was registered , the movement of trains through the tunnel under the English Channel was opened , Pulp Fiction received the main prize of the Cannes Film Festival, the Su-37 took the first prize at the Le Bourget air show, successfully completed the experiment on cloning a mammal. 90s Hits: Falling In Love - Aerosmith

Heaven's Door - Guns 'N' Roses
One - U2

Spice Girls , leggings , as well as the wedding of Pugacheva and Kirkorov are the absolute leaders in the "picture" entertainment.

The Ace Of Base - Happy Nation clip is the most watched video of this era.

Those who did not have time to join our trip in time, can go to it at any time - just enter the Yandex search string into your queries. And you can install any of the "retro themes" - they are already waiting in the catalog .


Vera Egorova, I delve into modernity .

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