Your RSS feed in the news Yandex, Rambler, Google and LI

    News sites and RSSEveryone knows Yandex.News news processing systems, Rambler News and Google.News news, many use these portals to search and read news.

    Your site can also become a source for these news sites.

    The article will focus not on the technical side of publishing RSS feeds (many CMS already have all the necessary tools), but on how to get the opportunity to export their materials to major news sites based on the experience of a non-media company.

    What gives the publication on news sites? First of all, a significant increase in attendance and an increase in citation by serious online publications. From experience, if your news gets into the TOP - this can give an increase in attendance by several orders of magnitude. Even if your site is not news, but the site news covers the target audience of users of your services - the benefits of this are undeniable.

    Publishing news on your own website shows potential consumers the seriousness of your attitude to your work, provides additional convenience to visitors, and gives a significant increase in search results.

    How to become a Yandex.News partner

    Yandex.News is the first service in Russia to automatically process and organize news, according to official data, the attendance is 1-5 million per day, and a significant part of visitors are purposefully looking for news on a certain topic.

    The headings and annotations of the news are displayed on the site (the full text of the news is involved in the search), links to the full text of the news are already on Yandex.News partner sites.

    Registration procedure in the Yandex.News system

    1. Read the Media Information
    2. Prepare at least 10 news stories. Please note that Yandex.News is very sensitive to the following points:
    • news should not contain advertising of your site and the goods and services you provide;
    • news should be unique, no copy-paste, it can be translated materials;
    • if your site already has an RSS feed, for example, internal site news, select a separate feed for Yandex.News that does not contain this information;
    • It is recommended to publish news with a frequency of at least two to three times a week;
    • the headline of the news should be attractive, for example, instead of “Django 1.2”, it’s better to write “New features of Django 1.2 have been announced”;
    • exclude news older than 8 days from the channel, they cannot be processed by their robot;
    • tag must contain the full text of the message;
    • it is necessary to remove from the message information that is not directly related to the topic of the news, for example, signatures, “more”, “based on materials”, etc .;
    • the source of the message can be indicated in the context of the message, for example: “According to the official website (link), a new release of Django 1.2 RC1 has been published.”;
    • the information should be purely news, announcements of upcoming events, press releases, as well as news independently posted by users of the site are not allowed to be published.

    3. If the channel is prepared, write to in a free form, be sure to indicate the contact person and his position, the name of your publication, what topics your channel is dedicated to, also provide your account username on Yandex (you can use the existing box) .

    If everything went well and Yandex.News employees have no questions, you will get access to - the partner interface within 1-2 days, and your news will be automatically collected from the RSS feed.

    The affiliate interface contains conversion statistics, a questionnaire of your publication, a duplicate search service and legal documents (Information Cooperation Agreement). Please note that signing and sending documents is mandatory.

    Using the duplicate search service, you can always check who took advantage of the fruits of your labors on their sites.

    If you encounter problems on the technical side or are politely denied, remove the comments and contact again. Attentive employees work in Yandex (and this applies not only to this service) - and if you have met all the requirements, your RSS feed will appear with the name

    How to become a partner of Rambler

    Even easier. The format of the News is the same. Detailed requirements for news sources are published at:
    Rambler does not provide any additional services for the media. It is enough to leave a request with the channel address and the title of the publication via the feedback:
    And the next day you will receive a message from Rambler: "Your site has been successfully added to the news source database."

    Unlike Yandex.News, Rambler does not provide a separate page for each media, duplicate news is acceptable.


    The requirements for news content on Google are similar to the requirements of Yandex.News. Google is currently not working with RSS and Atom and is crawling the site.

    Detailed instructions for the media from Google:

    Unfortunately, our experience was negative, maybe it will help you. A small quote from the correspondence:
    Google> We have reviewed your site, but at the moment we cannot add it to Google News. Currently, we include only sites containing articles about recent events. This means that we do not include informational articles, instructions for use, or advice to readers.
    COMTET> The news channel does not contain informational articles, instructions for use and tips for readers, only unique news about the latest developments in the development of CMS, virtualization tools, programming languages, DBMS, etc. are published. (examples of publications)
    Google> Currently, we can’t provide specific information, we will take your site for review in the future.

    Please note that you need to carefully consider your appeal to Google, it is worth showing that you publish exclusively original materials, indicate the target audience of this information, you can give examples of publications and a link to the news section of the site (not RSS). It is recommended to prepare articles on the site in advance:
    • About Edition
    • About Authors

    If your experience with Google has been more successful, share in the comments.

    Application submission is carried out through the form on the website:


    LiveInternet is more familiar as an excellent statistics collection service, however there is News . LiveInternet . At the time of this writing, LI News contains 905 sources.

    To add your channel, you must register by entering your email address.
    You will receive a login and password to access the section for partners: The
    section provides the ability to add RSS feeds, view conversion statistics and get a code for posting on your LI.News website.
    If you have prepared channels for Rambler or Yandex.News - they are perfect for LiveInternet.
    The main requirement is the publication of full-text news by an editable news publication. That is, if your site is not a news resource, your application will be rejected.
    However! On the second attempt (the first one was made last year) we received a short one: “Approved the feed”:
    This frankly surprised me, because there really are only media outlets, now only 905 media outlets + 1 company.

    Specialized sites also provide the opportunity to broadcast your news, for example, if your activity is directly related to CMS - write to CMS Magazine , you will definitely be allowed. Perhaps other “friendly” sites themselves will take your RSS feeds for publication.

    It is recommended to create several news channels on the site, separating them, for example, by tags, for example: CMS, Django, Zope, PHP, Plone, etc. In this case, your channels will be able to use various specialized sites.

    If you have your own experience of integrating your materials into well-known news sites, I will be glad to supplement the material and thank you all for your help in writing this article!

    UPD: Adding to the Novotek website is simple: you need to send a free-form letter to RSS feed for Yandex.News is quite suitable. The rules for writing a letter are similar to those described above.
    Here is the result: . A positive response was received two days after treatment.

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