LiveStreet 0.4 Release

    Today a new release of the blog-social engine LiveStreet 0.4.
    One year has passed since the last release of the stable version, during which time the engine made a significant leap forward.

    New features:
    - Installer;
    - The system of plugins;
    - Plugin profiling engine;
    - OpenID plugin + VKontakte authorization (separate plugin);
    - Functionality of private blogs and invitations;
    - Mutual friendship, now the user can confirm the friendship;
    - Functionality of delayed sending notifications by e-mail using cron;
    - New internal mail: quick selection of friends, ban list, management of correspondence participants (deleting and adding new ones), selected letters, search by mail, ajax checking new letters;
    - Ability to add comments to favorites;
    - The ability to custom classes to redefine modules, actions and entities;
    - New system of configs, now configs are presented in the form of arrays;
    - Support for local configs;
    - Block management system (sidebar) through configs;
    - CSS and JS file management system - merging and compression;
    - Changed the logic of working with the database, getting rid of JOINs in queries and using multiseries to the database and memcache;
    - The functionality of removing blogs with the ability to transfer topics to another blog;
    - Anti-spam system - limits the time for creating topics, comments, letters;
    - A new mechanism for validating submitted forms;
    - Updated and refined the Jevix text parser;
    - Support for multilanguage when displaying dates + uppercase display of dates;
    - Ability to specify the default language, the missing textures of the main language will be taken from it;
    - Ability for actions to process Ajax requests;
    - Ability to determine the rewrite and alias paths in the route;
    - Support for hooks inside the template;
    - Redesigned the functionality of working with images;
    - A lot of fixes and improvements ;

    Small statistics on the development of the project:
    - Over 30,000 downloads;
    - Created more than 100 different modules, most of which are free;
    - The community website has over 7,000 registered users, of which several hundred are active participants;
    - More than 3,500 topics and 40,000 comments have been written to them;

    I want to express my deep gratitude to everyone who somehow helped and helps in the development of the LiveStreet project. Thanks a lot!

    You can download the new version from the download page .

    PS We are preparing for an early publication a post about the best 50 projects based on LiveStreet. Criteria - design and functionality. If you know a worthy project - let us know.

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