Yandex.Market and other updates

    Perhaps many managed to notice, last week we released the next update. Mainly, the changes affected the components of the publication "Shop" and "Poster".

    Now each user can connect his store to Yandex.Market. To do this, you must place a special YML file on your site. It can be downloaded in the setup component of the publication "Shop".

    You can learn more about how to connect Yandex.Market here .

    In addition, when editing, you can specify the article number of the product and hide the product, for example, if it is not in stock.

    The way of indicating the main photo of the event has also changed. It has become easier and more beautiful. To do this, when uploading (or editing) a photo, it is enough to check the "Make home" checkbox.

    PS: We remind you that feedback is very important to us. If you have a suggestion on how to make the service even better, or you want to report a bug, we will always be happy to receive your message on the feedback page .

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