Yandex.Map API Workshop - video reports

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We prepared video recordings of reports from the Kiev workshop about the Yandex.Maps API , which took place on April 9. Now they will be able to see everyone who did not attend the event or wants to remember interesting points.

( records of all performances on Yandex.Video )

You can download the keynote reports in good quality:

About Yandex.Maps ;

Yandex.Maps, Google Maps, Visicom on one page or how to combine incompatible ;

• Map of PEOPLEnet network coverage on Yandex.Maps ( 1 part , 2 part );

Yandex.Maps API, attack on bicycles ; - search instead of a business directory ;

“All Service Stations” - the story of the card user ;

Yandex.Mart Workshop in Kiev, questions and answers .

See you soon!

Yulia Simutenko, training and development

Vasilina Vdovina, marketing


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