New generation

       Recently, I talked about the principles and rules for labeling ASUS devices, where I wrote that the letter “ N ” in the name of a series of laptops should be interpreted as “ New generation ”.


    What is so "new generation" in them?

       Along with the N-series, in this article we can talk about the “ NX ” line ( New generation , eXtraordinary , a high-class line of home entertainment centers).
       Firstly, all devices of this series are built on the basis of new Intel processors of the Core family - i3, i5 and i7. This is the new product in the field of processor engineering, to which the vast majority will sooner or later inevitably come.

       Secondly, all devices will be equipped with high-speed USB 3.0 connectors - of course, there will not be tenfold speed increases, as in beautiful advertisements ... in practice, but the increase is noticeable. Also an unavoidable standard and, in my opinion, the sooner the better. And if only the lazy did not talk about the new “peels” and “USB 3.0”, then I would like to stop for a short time on the next debut innovation of the series.


       As you know, in many laptops the sound is no good - this problem got so acute that it once gave rise to new classes of devices and all kinds of tricks ... but the worst thing is that many manufacturers do not consider it necessary to pay at least some attention to this issue. They optimistically believe that everyone will listen to music with headphones - this is most likely why the sound at a low volume does not really sound, and at the volume turned up there are continuous rales, a complete lack of bass and other artifacts.

       ASUS engineers realized that it is necessary to fight with the cause, not the effect. Therefore, the “sound issue” was decided to be decided jointly with Bang & Olufsen , which ate more than one dog in the production of Hi-end audio. That's how ASUS SonicMaster technology came about.. The one that the company presented at CeBIT 2010.

       This is a software and hardware package of solutions: sound-conducting materials and body geometry calculated to the smallest detail, large volume resonators and optimally located speakers inside the body have made it possible to minimize spurious vibrations and distortions, and the new sound processor promises work wonders with sound. Unlike other enhancers, which artificially amplified only certain frequencies, SonicMaster accurately conveys the originally recorded sound without deceiving the ears with "primitive" audio filters. Almost the entire audible range is subject to reproduction - from the lowest to the highest frequencies. The NX-series will be equipped with SonicMaster Premium , which seems to be "well."

       It’s better to hear once than to see 100 times - so far I can’t say anything about this innovation, because not yet met. And while it seems to me that it will lose in any way in sound quality to a good audio system ... but at least the fact that now a decent sound will always be at hand is beautiful without exaggeration.

       I can’t wait to see and listen to it all live. So, apparently, see you soon. And in the near future I will try to review the ASUS N61J laptop - do not switch)

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