On the basis of "GAZelle" made a Russian robot

    At the All-Russian Robotic Festival, they showed the unique concept of the GAZelle-Business minibus. An unmanned version of the car is capable of driving along a route without driver assistance, according to a given program and GLONASS satellite coordinates.

    As can be seen in the photo , the design is extremely reliable in operation, made of durable materials. For example, the steering wheel is rotated using a bicycle chain.

    The concept exists so far in a single copy, but in the summer the participants of the Seliger 2010 youth forum are going to make several more similar copies. GAZ Group has already allocated six vehicles for re-equipment and participation in the first in Russia robot car competitions, Robocross Seliger 2010.

    As reported, for the copy of the car received the six most promising Russian teams that are engaged in robotics. These are the teams “MADI PROFITeam” (Moscow), “Red Eyes” (Kovrov), “MobRob” (Saratov), ​​“Aurora” (Ryazan), the Federal Educational and Methodological Center of the Robotekhnika program and the Nizhny Novgorod Regional Educational and Methodological Center of the program “ Robotics".

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