Monetization Android application - work on bugs

    I saw here articles on the successful monetization of the android application on the hub (through the search you can easily find). So I decided to share my experience, rather negative than successful.

    Application idea

    Strongly on the idea did not bother. I chose, as it seemed to me, a rather necessary topic - accounting for pocket expenses. The name of the application was given quite logical - Cashlogger.

    I researched this direction and looked at what competitors are offering - I understand. You need to make a convenient interface so that the user does not have to run from side to side to record expenses. That is, everything should be at hand and take the minimum time to create a record. In addition, the entries made should be clear so that the user can easily analyze what the money was spent on. Another important criterion is an attractive user interface. This is what the success of the company was to bring.


    I killed a lot of time for implementation. A little more than 2 months and this is when accounting for 8 hours a day. Why so long? A lot of unnecessary fuss was due to not knowing the platform. Many things had to be redone, sometimes even more than 2 times. Faced with 2 difficult problems:

    1. I did not know how to implement the show only month and year;
    2. Graphs (reports) in ScrollView were not drawn if the graphs went beyond the borders of the screen;

    On the 1st point, I had to write my component (see the result in the picture). Although, later I found how they did the same with standard components, but I did not begin to learn how.


    Under item 2, I did not find help in thematic forms. I had to figure it out myself for a long time. Everything was successfully resolved, but a lot of time was spent.

    Publication on the market

    After the application was ready, it was the turn to bring it to the masses i.e. publication in the market. Since the sale of applications for Russians in the market is closed, I planned to get bonuses from advertising. I chose Other providers did not fit for various reasons.


    After two weeks on air, the statistics are as follows:

    total downloaded - 199 total;
    active installations - 115 active installs (57%)

    rating 2.44 out of 5 .

    advertising generated revenue = $ 0.09 for 944 impressions.

    Thinking about mistakes

    As can be seen from the statistics, the project failed. I think for each of you who only plans to try yourself in this business, this will be a good example for analyzing errors. What is not done correctly in this project, and what can be done better so that this project becomes a successful decision for you.

    Personally, I made the following conclusions for myself:

    1. Weak testing was conducted. I think a lot of failures are connected with this;
    2. Lack of documentation. A video on yuotube wouldn't hurt either;
    3. Weak functionality;
    4. Lack of public relations;

    The application itself is available at the


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