Free registration of your addresses on VKontakte is open

    Everyone remembers that X months ago, the administration of this social network provided an opportunity: for a fee, replace the address of your page with with something more memorable ( ) + as Alaska noted , a subdomain of the same name is created.
    Entering this morning after the next passage through the pages I saw a message that I would not want to replace the address with the proposed one (the address was formed from the last name) and from the bottom I agree / disagree, respectively. At the same time, if you go into the settings, you can already specify the address that you would still like.


    Screenshots LOtuSS

    In principle, there is nothing new in this (just free distribution), Facebook did it a long time ago, which caused a great stir at the time of its appearance. So we manage to occupy good short names before someone else takes them.

    PS: literally at the weekend they asked how to find in this social account, but nothing better than saying the name + nickname did not come up, because I didn’t even try to remember the number, now this problem will not be.
    Tonight, the first hundred thousand users of the VKontakte network got the opportunity to register short names for their pages for free ( By the middle of the day, this function will be able to use the first million registered, and in the evening - all other users. The indicated names will be transformed into e-mail addresses ( in the future.

    Pruflink thanks j0ker .

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