Short names

    As you have already noticed , tonight, the first hundred thousand VKontakte users got the opportunity to register short names of the form for free:

    This function has just become available to the first million registered. In the evening, all users of our social network will be able to use it - Pavel Durov will announce this on his blog . After a few months, the names you register will be transformed into email addresses ( ).

    According to Durov, e-mail will be integrated into users' personal messages. We will talk about the features of the interface separately, since it is in the process of discussion. Now the VKontakte team is developing a spam filter based on the technology used in Gmail. Naturally, it will be applied not only to mail, but also to all VKontakte messages.

    It is worth noting immediately that only users who have linked a mobile phone to their account can register a short name for themselves. Along with short names, profiles of users who are logged in are from now on indexed in search engines (depending on data privacy settings):

    Have a nice day.

    • The other day we saw another discussion of VKontakte, it was interesting to read the comments . We write for memory;
    • Thanks to the offline15 habruiser for an example of connecting our Open API ;
    • Today in the journal there will be a small interview with Pavel Durov. There will be no technical details there, but someone may find it interesting to know his opinion on third-party topics.

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