Sinking ship

    In general, it happened historically that my feelings for Palm are very warm. Moreover, unconditionally warm. Apparently this means that for me Palm is already in history. We are all pleased to recall the different Commodore, modem times and watching the first high-quality porn video on the net. Somewhere in the same semantic line are devices that were once released on the conveyors of the company. I remember my first Zire, brought from Germany, its breakdown and headache associated with its repair ... old toys.

    However, a large and aggressive business is not at all like digging in a sandbox. And Palm, trying to reborn, again burns like a phoenix. Talented, recently hired workers leave their posts, which, unambiguously, testifies only to one thing - Palm starts its run down a spiral. And the landing is unlikely to be soft, no matter how John Rubinstein hoped .

    Two weeks ago, the company lost its marketing director, today the person responsible for cooperation with operators left his post. All this, of course, is not yet critical, but the first bell has already rang out and the audience is slowly gathering for a performance.

    The company's debts and inability to raise turnover to the expected level forced Palm to consider takeover as the only way to maintain the brand. And even Rubinstein dropped one not very positive phrase: “I could start in October with Verizon, make a shorter exclusive contract with Sprint and the world today would be completely different. That is, it’s easy to say such things. ” The current CEO of the company literally signs his own inability to change things, he is well aware that the word “can” does not work in the past tense.

    Of the four companies potentially interested in buying Palm companies in the audience today, only one remains - Lenovo. Strongly refusing to give any comments during the negotiations, but HTC’s positionit seems to me much more reasonable: "We did not find enough common ground, the deal would not bring mutual benefits." To tell you the truth, it seems to me that neither Lenovo nor Huawei will see anything good in this perspective. What is left? Slow death to the fanfare of financial results and the hooting of fans of Apple, Microsoft and Google?

    All this is nothing more than food for thought. Facts are not enough for conclusions, and the conclusions themselves would be too far-reaching. Still, it's nice to think about something in the past tense and, obviously, not for me alone.

    via Gizmodo & ArsTechnica

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