USB powered cat toy

    The cat is a friend of the programmer. Nevertheless, the cat is also a predator and requires daily hunting. There are two predators in our family, so we have to play even more with them.

    The old-fashioned way to play with a cat with a sun bunny in the age of high technology is inconvenient, programmers often sleep during the day, and work the other way around at night. An ordinary Chinese laser pointer comes to the rescue for 40 rubles, bought on occasion in a radio goods store. Cats feel like real hunters, carefully cutting circles around the room behind the red dot at any time of the day.

    The laser pointer is powered by 3 watch batteries 3 x 1.5V = 4.5 V. If cats hunt half an hour a day, the batteries last for a week or two. The batteries themselves are quite cheap (at a price of 4-5 rubles) apiece, however, the need to constantly buy and change them makes you invent something.

    As a power source, which is always at hand with a programmer, it is convenient to use a USB port. If you cut any USB extension cable, then there will be 4 wires inside it: red, white, green and black. White and green are used for data transfer and are not required for the operation of a laser pointer. Black - ground, red + 5V. We disassemble the pointer, pick up the wires.


    The old dead battery in this case is simply driven into the case, in order to fix the black wire. Unfortunately, there was no flux for soldering to aluminum at home, I had to make a hole in the case and just screw the red wire.


    We wrap it with electrical tape and get a completely finished toy for animals. Since an unnecessary two-meter USB extension cable was used as a wire and connector, it is not necessary to sit next to a computer.

    Cats have played enough, all good night! :)image

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