Path to the sea

    In one poor village a boy was born. He spent his days pointlessly, mechanically and monotonously, like the rest of the inhabitants of this fading village, having no idea what to do with his own life. And one fine night he dreamed of the sea. None of the villagers had ever seen the sea, so no one could confirm that somewhere in the world there is such a vast water.

    And when the young man said that he was going to go in search of the sea from his sleep, everyone twisted his finger at the temple and called it a madman. But he, in spite of everything, embarked on a journey and wandered for a long time until he was at a fork in the road. Here he chose the path that led directly, and a few days later he reached the village, whose inhabitants led a calm, secure life. When the young man told them that he was wandering, dreaming of finding the sea, they began to convince him that he was wasting his time and it would be better for him to stay in this village and live as happily as everyone else.

    For several years the young man lived in abundance. But one night he again dreamed of the sea, and he remembered his unfulfilled dream. The young man decided to leave the village and hit the road again. Saying goodbye to everyone, he returned to the fork and this time went in a different direction. He walked for a long time until he reached the big city. I admired his hubbub and motley and decided to stay there. He studied, worked, had fun, and eventually completely forgot about the purpose of his trip.

    However, after a few years, he again saw the sea in a dream and thought that if he did not fulfill the dream of his youth, he would waste his life in vain. Therefore, he again returned to the fork and chose the third road that led him into the forest. In a small clearing, a man saw a hut, and next to it was no longer too young, but a beautiful woman who hung out the laundry. She invited him to stay with her, as her husband went to war and did not return. The man agreed.

    For many years they lived happily, raised children, but once our hero, who was already old, again visited a dream about the sea. And he left everything that he had been connected with for many years, returned to the fork and embarked on the last path, hitherto unknown to him, very steep and rocky. He walked with difficulty and began to fear that he would soon be completely exhausted.

    Once at the foot of a large mountain, the old man decided to climb it in the hope of at least seeing the sea from his dreams from afar. A few hours later, at the end of his strength, he reached the top of the mountain. Immense open spaces stretched before him: the old man saw a fork in the road and a village in which the inhabitants led a prosperous life, and a big city, and the hut of a woman with whom he spent many happy years. And in the distance, on the horizon, I saw a blue, boundless sea.

    And, before his tormented heart stopped, the moved old man, through tears of regret, also noticed that all the roads on which he walked led to the sea, but he did not go through any of them to the end.

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