Changes to the search results page

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Following the redesign of the Yandex homepage, we decided to change the search results page. We experimented for several months, analyzed the results and made three significant changes.

1. Search results are now fixed width. Previously, they stretched to almost the entire page, but experiments have shown that it is more convenient for people to read the text in the form of a narrow column. This way information is perceived better and faster.

The new laconic style required the reduction of some terms. The link "Saved copy" has simply turned into a "copy", and "from the site" - into "more."

2. In the "basement" of some snippets, navigation chains appeared. They look like this:

Such chains will help the user quickly assess the structure of the site. Often a person is interested not only in this particular request, but also in more general topics. For example, not only this phone model is interesting, but also others - of the same company, or of all manufacturers without exception.

Chains also save time - each link is clickable, so you can go directly to the desired section of the site directly from the snippet. Also, an attentive user will see in the chain what type of content the information on the proposed page refers to.

3. Pagination has changed places with favicons and has become less noticeable. The logic here is this: users favicon is associated with the site and therefore carries a greater semantic load than the number.

And one more important news, which is especially relevant for users with low speed Internet access. The search results page has accelerated dramatically - now it loads twice as fast. This acceleration is associated with the processing of html code.

Rostislav Shorgin and the team of SERP.

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