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Have you noticed that when you visit the site , we try to determine if you are using a computer or a mobile device to show a suitable version of the Yandex home page?

You get used to this behavior very quickly - you don’t need to remember a separate address of the mobile version of the site, which is rarely indicated on business cards, in advertisements and in the news. I wish all sites themselves understood when it’s worth showing a large version, and when it’s mobile!

We decided to help webmasters. And today, everyone has access to our system for determining mobile devices - Yandex.Detector.

With its help, you can easily redirect users to a particular page layout.

The program code of the site makes a request and in a split second receives information about which user the device model and its manufacturer, platform, screen resolution are. For Java phones, we also know additional parameters that are important for the operation of applications.

We imagine what kind of load such a system must withstand when working for a millionth Internet audience, and designed it with the expectation of a large number of calls. In addition, in our database there are almost all mobile devices, and we try to make all the new items there in a timely manner.

Our experience says that the introduction of such code on the page significantly increases the number of mobile users who otherwise would not “digest” the page of a large site.

See, implement, share the results!

A team with specific views on the world's mobile device.

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