3D model of St. Petersburg

    In the light of the news about the tender for the new website of the State Duma and the message about kickbacks in the field of IT , it is interesting to look at the result of using state money in the field of IT.
    Today in the Committee for Urban Planning of St. Petersburg presented a 3D model of St. Petersburg
    Under video and the official annotation of the

    video model as it looks:

    If the video does not show, here is the link.

    According to representatives of the KGA, the work was carried out in 2009 by specialists of the State Institution “Scientific Research Center for the General Plan of St. Petersburg” with budgetary funds.

    Official annotation from the KGA website:

    “The three-dimensional digital model is the basis of the visual analytical control system. In 2009, developments were completed, the use of which together provides the city with an apparatus for checking the possible height and volume of designed objects to fulfill the tasks of forming the architectural environment and high-rise silhouette of St. Petersburg. A methodology has been developed for assessing the height of the objects proposed for construction, based on a three-dimensional basic model, it has become possible to analyze the impact of the requested deviations on the formation of situational and environmental characteristics of the urban environment. A database of three-dimensional digital models of all objects of the existing buildings of St. Petersburg with suburbs has also been created. The most important component is the actual building height data obtained by high-altitude laser scanning. Based on this information base, a three-dimensional digital model was visualized. The main difference from other three-dimensional models is that the construction objects are placed on the created relief model of St. Petersburg. ”

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