Russian oligarchs want to invest in creating cyborgs

    Mikhail Rogachev, Executive Director of ONEXIM Innovation Group, gave an interview to the Kommersant newspaper, in which he described his vision of developing an innovative business, as well as the intentions of his boss, a famous oligarch, billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov.

    It turns out that the richest people in Russia are already thinking about cyberpunk. We give a fragment from this interview.

    “In his reports, Mikhail Prokhorov presented his vision of development prospects. Mankind needs to eat and drink well and inexpensively, be safe and move from one place to another at minimal cost. These needs are not fully met.

    Almost all the ideas that science fiction writers have written about are already implemented. The idea of ​​teleportation has not yet been realized. Another idea is to improve a person, that is, practically merging a person with a machine. An increase in the lifespan of a person, moreover, an active life. This solves two problems at once: state - there is a greater amount of labor - and universal. Modern pensioners do not seek retirement, they want to lead an active lifestyle. And again, the creative person to retire still needs to be managed. But you need to keep active, bright brains. And to have them, you need to have a good body. We have made absolutely amazing decisions related to sports and rehabilitation medicine, for example, transelectrocranial stimulation, which increases the production of endorphins in the body - “hormones of happiness”. ”

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