Music from Vkontakte to Exaile


    Inspired by the recent topic about the Vkontakte plugin for Amarok , I decided to write a likeness for my favorite Exaile player . Plugin features:


    • - actually search for audio recordings
    • - duplicate removal
    • - plugin work without registering on the site
    • - multiple entries in the playlist
    • - save the selected records to a local disk in artist format - track.mp3 (in the home directory)
    • UPD - select a directory for saving tracks in the plugin settings (if the specified directory does not exist - it is created)
    • UPD - load a user's playlist by user ID


    Bonuses received from Exaile:
    • - pulling up the disc cover
    • - rewind the track without waiting for it to be fully downloaded
    • - save / import playlist
    • - support and more ...


    Edit - Options - Plugins tab - Install plugin file - select vk_plugin.exz , then in the list of plugins opposite vk_exaile put a daw:


    Plugin page on github
    Thank you realbc for testing!

    + added a search by user ID (version 0.0.2)

    I would be very happy if someone comes in handy, it was written for myself, in order to learn Python and the Vkontakte API.

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