Open API

    The VKontakte team didn’t leave for the weekend, so that after the Merchant API it’s time to launch another important service for developers - the Open API. Thanks to the VK Open API, any external sites now have the ability to authorize our users.

    Together with authorization, developers get access to all other API methods for working with photos, audio, videos, ads (you can make money on them) and much more. The list of methods is constantly updated. The universal Execute method , for example, allows you to run a sequence of other methods, storing and filtering intermediate results. The whole list of methods can be found in our official group .

    See the VK Open API operation example on the website , which is external to VKontakte. As an example, we brought out only those friends who already used authorization on this site:

    Developers can not only use photos from VKontakte, but also store images of higher quality with us than our own downloader allows. That is, everyone can, for example, build a separate photo service with VK authorization. Detailed connection information is here .

    Merchant API Post Addendum

    In the comments there were questions about the withdrawal of money from the VK system. We transfer money from a ruble account to legal entities without a commission. Individuals, of course, will also be able to remove them from the system. The estimated commission that the bank will take is from 0 to 0.7%. Negotiations with potential partners are still ongoing. We will report the results on our blog.

    Have a good week.

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