Created Russia's first ranking of popular music entries on blogs

    A new project has appeared in Russia that reveals the secret of which music and which artists are currently being discussed on the Internet. AllCharts.Ru website launched a new rating of “Top-20 posts about popular music”. Now it’s easy to find out what bloggers have been worried about lately from musical events, which artists are addicted to the network, about whom they speak the most. The rating reflects the interests of Internet users and allows you to get acquainted with the most popular recordings dedicated to music topics. At the moment, in the ranking you can find various records that have become popular on the Internet, this is a discussion of what singer Rihanna was wearing on the set of her new video clip, and of course there are records of world stars who have become very popular recently Lady Gaga and Ke $ ha.

    The project manager of AllCharts.Ru Sergey Sergeyev comments: “The rating of the music records of the blogosphere of the AllChart.Ru project is based on a simple principle. At the first stage, the selection of musical works and artists that are currently popular all over the world and in Russia is carried out, based on the sales charts of musical works and the popularity of broadcasting on the radio. Then,
    blog posts are analyzed . Guided by a number of well-known indicators such as the number of comments, the number of links, how many users were noticed in the discussion, how much we visit a particular post, as well as a number of other indicators, we build our rating of “Top-20 posts about popular music .”

    The project is an Internet service founded in 2001 that talks about world music charts and ratings, publishes box office data in movie theaters around the world, and combines various data from the entertainment world. In 2002, the project entered the top200 at the Interactive Music Awards in the People's Choice Awards category [the best music site in the world].

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