A virtual window into the world of Winscape with tracking head position using Wiimote


    Everything is real in this picture, except the view from the window on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. When the viewer moves, the dual image on monitors with a resolution of 1080p moves in the opposite direction, providing a realistic illusion of looking into a real window behind the glass at an incredibly clear and detailed landscape outside the window.

    So how is this done - we take 2 plasma TVs (46-inch Panasonic TC-P46G10), an Apple Mac and Wiimote, we connect all this through the Winscape program that uses OpenGL and teach it all to work with the Wii remote control.

    As a result, after a year of work, this craftsman received a realistic window anywhere in the world. Moving from side to side, Wiimote will follow us and change the appearance of the window so that the reality of the real window is felt.

    The creator plans to sell the basic kit for the construction of such a miracle in the region of $ 3000 in July this year. Watch the video demonstration under the cut.

    Source: RationalCraft

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