Code Game Challenge - Recruiting Participants

    This year, the Code Game Challenge will be held as part of the VolSU Open Programming Cup.
    It was created by students of the Volgograd Polytechnic, they already have experience in creating CGC, you can see here , there are two videos about their past projects, here you can read what CGC is for those who don’t know.

    This year we decided to invite everyone to take part in it online. Thus, anyone who wants to participate in our CGC will have to send me a message in a personal message by Sunday, with the team name, list of participants and the desired password.
    The CGC itself will take place on April 18, Sunday, from 11.00 to 16.00.
    A link to the CGC documentation will be available here on Saturday from 3 p.m. for reference.

    So, what kind of CGC will be this year?
    It will be a real-time strategy, a bit like a Starcraft game for Terrans. Each computer adversary will have a base and the ability to build a large number of units of various capabilities according to the crystals collected by special units. Those. unlike all the CGCs that I saw where you control basically one unit, here the number of units on each side can be quite impressive, and of a different type. Massive bloody battles are inevitable :) We will not disclose further details for now.

    Unfortunately, our CGC only supports C ++, so we apologize to those who do not write on it, but they will not be able to participate. Also, those who do not use Windows will also not be able to participate, because the mechanism used is Dll-approx.

    The show will be held twice. Once - only for the Volgograd teams on April 30, at the closing of the open cup. The second time - for all teams, unless, of course, there are nonresident participants.
    For the second show, we’ll make a video and post it on youtube. This, of course, is not the best way, if someone tells us how to set up the broadcasting of the image to some server that
    will take it in parallel to relay it to everyone who wants to watch the show online - then we’ll try. We ourselves cannot relay with a large number of participants, we do not have such a wide channel.

    Further details will appear here. Ask questions, register, welcome!

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