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Original author: Eric Möller, Deputy Director, Wikimedia Foundation
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How can we recruit even more people to make Wikipedia a richer, deeper educational resource? Firstly, due to simplified editing. But we also need to make our readers more aware that their help is welcome, and facilitate their first steps to improve or create an article. So, we are financing the development of a program of information resources, such as brochures and videos that help people join us, some of which are targeted at specific audiences like teachers and students.

Our partners are 27 organizations - regional branches of Wikimedia.and everyone who wants to help. Here are the last two examples.

" Wikimedia Italy " has funded the production of a 7-minute introductory video, "La Wikiguida di Wikipedia". You can watch it on YouTube (with subtitles) below or watch or download video in Ogg Theora format . It has a link on every page of Italian Wikipedia. The video was produced by Christian Biasco and more videos are planned for production this year.

If you do not speak Italian, you are interested in can be a great introduction to the creation of Wikipedia articles from Howcast , is inserted as follows:

Habr video does not stick, here is the link: Wikipedia-Article

Produced by Swedish Wikipedia volunteer Lennart Guldbrandsson, this is a fun and comprehensive introduction, and it uses a powerful “how-to player” to guide the audience through the instructions. Howcast San Francisco, by the way, now occupies an office previously used by the Wikimedia Foundation, so perhaps they were inspired by the forgotten wiki property.

The Wikimedia Foundation did not plan or ordered these videos, but we are very happy and grateful that they were made - we believe that the video resource instructions will be valuable as we increase our efforts to recruit new editors. Many thanks to Wikimedia Italy and Howcast for a good example. Moving forward, we seek assistance opportunities and encourage our departments and individual volunteers to create these types of information resources.

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By the way, there is another video - How to edit a Wikipedia article (also in English, but almost everything is clear).

You can also watch the video on Wikimedia Commons (I especially recommend this one ) and the links from this page .

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