Opera in Russia and Ukraine

    Why is Opera so popular in Russia and Ukraine?

    According to statistics (Bigmir, LiveInternet, links in the basement) in Russia and Ukraine, Opera (taking into account all versions) is, if not the leader, then very close to this. Moreover, in the world as a whole, Opera is significantly (by an order of magnitude!) Less popular. The percentage data in the table below:

    Browser statistic 2010

    The amount for Russia and Ukraine is less than 100% since other browsers were not taken into account.
    The amount for the world is more than 100%, because Wikipedia uses average data from several sources.

    How can one explain this phenomenon? Where does such crazy popularity come from? I have to say right away, I don’t know the exact answer, I’m very interested myself, hence the publication of this topic.
    Yes, it would be very interesting to hear the opinions of the representatives of the Opera, which, as I understand it, are present on Habré.

    Possible hypotheses:
    • special efforts of the manufacturer of Opera on the markets of Russia and Ukraine to promote the product
    • special convenience (according to some reviews) Opera in work on a dial-up
    • something else?

    Sources of statistics:
    World The

    statistics of their own sites confirms the picture.

    Update: even in Norway itself, according to StatCounter GlobalStats, Opera is less popular than ours (although more popular than the world average - 6.13%)

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