St. Petersburg Academic University promoted by spammers

    Recently on a habr a lot of posts about education in IT.

    Today I’ll tell you how the magistracy of St. Petersburg Academic University promotes itself:

    I receive a letter from a certain Alexander S. Kulikov with the following content:

    - from Alexander S. Kulikov
    date April 13, 2010 16:17
    topic Master's programs in St. Petersburg Academic University (formerly AFTU RAS)
    sent via

    Good afternoon!

    The Department of Mathematical and Information Technologies of the Academic University
    invites you to graduate in two specializations:
    * Theoretical Computer Science,
    * Software Development.

    Those wishing to enter the magistracy of the Academic University,
    it is recommended to FIRSTLY fill out the form on the department’s website.
    Filling out the form does not oblige you to anything, but allows you to receive
    operational information on admission, including dates of preliminary
    interviews in the spring of 2010. The

    chances of admission are entirely determined by your abilities,
    and not by the number of applicants, so we will be grateful
    if you would forward this letter to other interested students.

    department page:
    form of admission:

    - Personally with I'm not familiar with Kulikov.
    The question arises - where did he get the e-mail?

    After simple googling, one hunch comes up:
    Microsoft School on Data Structures and Algorithms, which is organized jointly with the Academic Physics and Technology University, is part of the organizing committee of the aforementioned Mr. Kulikov.
    And I registered in it.
    Here are just consent to the use of my e-mail for purposes other than anything related to the school, I did not give.

    So, according to the law:
    Federal Law "On Advertising". Article 18. Advertising distributed over telecommunication networks :
    1. Distribution of advertising on telecommunication networks, including through the use of telephone, facsimile, mobile radiotelephone communications, is allowed only with the prior consent of the subscriber or addressee to receive advertising. In this case, advertising is recognized as distributed without the prior consent of the subscriber or addressee, unless the advertising distributor proves that such consent has been obtained. The advertising distributor is obliged to immediately stop the distribution of advertising to the person who has applied to him with such a requirement.

    this newsletter is spam ...
    I would like to draw the attention of the Microsoft School and the administration of the Academic University to the activities of its employee.

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