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Do you know what a synchrophasotron looks like?
Well, at least big or small. Or what color. Suddenly you see him every day on the way to work and don’t recognize him. I will tell you now. He is big and gray. How is it different from an elephant? Well, an elephant cannot accelerate charged particles. How does it look different? ..
No, it's easier to show .

About 8 million queries are asked daily on Yandex image searches and 100 million pages of search results are viewed.
The most popular image search query is unusually simple - the word "image". This query is asked more than a million times a week. Other popular requests are [demotivators], [pictures about love], [wedding dresses] and [pictures on the desktop].

In about one percent of all requests for Images — about 80,000 requests per day — users clearly indicate color. We have collected the most popular multi-colored requests in a multi-colored picture of the world. Here is a small piece: Attention, a question: do you think who is more popular, a white tiger or a polar bear? Now you can test yourself . From the full text of the study, you can find out how many pictures Yandex knows, whether they can cover the entire globe, is it true that white is the most popular color, and much, much more. Enjoy your viewing :) Polina Troyanovskaya, looking at and counting the pictures

PS They asked us for a colorful picture of the world on the desktop wallpaper. Please :)


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