Excess information. Reflections

    no informationWhat a wonderful Q10 editor : only you and the text. And nothing more. And then there is too much information around. Too much. She surrounds us. She crawls into her ears, catches her eye. And processing it is becoming increasingly difficult.

    Why do you think sites have become easier lately, larger fonts, shorter phrases? Yes, all because there is too much information around .

    And in order to normally perceive this information, it is necessary to at least pretend that it has become smaller. Either it has become more convenient for perception, or just phrases have become shorter, which means it is easier and more understandable. Again cheating! She did not become smaller. She just broke up into smaller parts.

    Information. Come on, there would be just a lot of it. And then she is everywhere! And the absence of this constant flow makes a person look for more and more new sources. All. Informational disease. I’m not a doctor, I don’t know what it's called smart. But the essence, I think, is clear. After all, do you know the feeling when no one writes to ICQ, there are no new messages on contact or any other social network, all RSS channels are read and all your favorite sites are scrolled? That's it, depression. "All the Internet is read." And the brain requires a new portion of letters .

    Do you know that in this way you will forever lose the ability to focus normally and without problems on one thing? And all right, if most of the time you are familiar with programming or other more or less monotonous activities. No, really! In general, I wonder how you read to this place! Well, admit: it wasn’t so easy to do this at a time? And how many times have you switched to another tab or answered someone in your favorite messenger? Yes, it’s hard for a modern person to live at a computer ... There are so many interesting things around.

    Have you noticed how many textbooks and manuals like “Learn to work” appeared? How many diverse ways people come up with to stay in their sober mind and not be distracted by anything, not to lose focus, to reach the goal. After all, there are whole books! Hundreds of programs, organizers, online services.

    It is clear that if there is a lot of information, then it must somehow be processed, cataloged, put in heaps. Have you ever wondered: why do you need all this? What will you do with it? “To make a blunder”, yes?

    So why am I? And I mean , if you really want to do something , and do well, then you just need to leave one tab. Run one program. Turn off instant messengers. Turn off the phone.And just do what needs to be done . All. So simple. Without any systems and books.

    For some reason, I now think that I discovered the great secret of makoshi. After all, everything is organized exactly there. Very few distractions. Nothing extra. Turned on and started to work. This is not advertising, it is a fact.

    Of course, I understand that do not be in the previous paragraph .. What, again distracted? And you just need to leave the focus on the main thing. And the main thing is the goal. The main thing is you. And let all this flow until it flows past and does not stop you from doing what you want. The world is waiting for new achievements.
    And may the Force come with you!

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