KIN: 2 new phones from Microsoft

    Microsoft has just announced the release of two new KIN phones. The most interesting thing is that the phones are positioned as FeaturePhones for children. The main purpose of the phones is the exchange of short messages and other social content. In a word, everything is for SOCIALITY and “friends-friends-friends”.

    Almost everything I managed to find out today, + a bunch of photos and videos under the cut.

    general information

    • The phones will go on sale in May at Verizon and fall at Vodafone;
    • Microsoft just tweeted that the phones will be available in Germany, Spain and Italy in the fall;
    • Bluetooth
    • Iron from Sharp;
    • Sold in cylindrical boxes;


    KeyboardSmall one-handed inputFor two-handed input
    TouchscreenQVGA 320x240HVGA 640x240
    Camera5 mpx, flash8 mpx, flash, shoots HD video
    SoundBuilt-in mono speakerStereo speakers for watching videos without headphones
    Memory4 gb8 gb

    Phone Chips

    Green button

    The “pimp” at the bottom of the screen works like a container of content that you want to share. Drag and drop there a page on the Internet, a photo or video and you can immediately send it to Facebook, by e-mail, mms, etc.
    Gallery UI green button.
    Also on the keyboard there is a special button with a smiley (Why no one thought of it before ?!)


    Loop - the home screen of the phone, which collects statuses from social networks such as Facebook, twitter, etc. Another thing is interesting, it shows more information about those people who are most interesting to you.
    Gallery Loop UI.

    On the cloud

    Everything that happens on the phones is automatically transferred to the cloud. For this, Microsoft developed a special KIN studio.
    * All this beauty on Silverlight.
    KIN Studio Gallery.

    KIN camera

    The camera is “imprisoned” for immediately sending photos and video content to social networks.
    Gallery UI KIN cameras.


    The UI has a built-in Bing search that searches both globally and locally.


    Phones have fully inherited all the features of Zune. Microsoft even announced that you no longer need Zune if you fit in 4 or 8 gigabytes.





    What is missing

    • IM Twitter and all that, of course, is convenient. + SMS has not been canceled. But there is no ICQ, no jabber or messenger on the phones.
    • There is no third-party API or SDK .
    • There is no GPS - but what about all this talk about social geo? Apparently, Microsoft will later declare, like Apple, that it will seek a position on cell towers.
    • There is no calendar.
    • And no sensible way to share your photo on twitter.

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