Down with gloss

    So the moment came when I finally got tired of the gloss on the cover of my MSI U100 netbook.
    The eternally blurred look and spirit of experimentation left him no chance. And at the same time I remembered the advice given to me right there, on the habr - "brush it with a skin with a null and it will be good."
    So I cleaned it ...

    So, I began to wash the gloss and something I didn’t like right away. I don’t know the reason, but it seems that the plastic on the lid is layered.

    Just as I didn’t try to align the “stains”, it didn’t work out, they are especially visible under the logo.

    He took a larger skin, but that did not help either. Even tried to polish back - it turned out no better. Well, there was no other way; I decided to go all the way.
    Since there was no desire to paint professionally, the artist's wife is busy. And I found a good ancient Slavic picture that I liked and ideally suited my conditions. I decided to act myself.

    I took a regular marker with paint:

    And due to the possibilities, I transferred the picture to the cover.

    The first experience seemed to me not very successful, since white on gold is poorly visible.

    A bit of white spirit and again a clean netbook cover. Now I decided not to fill the contours of the griffin with gold. And, in my opinion, it turned out better.

    As a result, there is no gloss; the netbook has a unique picture that I like. And her amateur appearance will not attract thieves very much - also a plus. There are thoughts, then cover the lid with matte varnish from a spray can. But I like it that way.

    Lord! Do not be afraid of experiments! This is a netbook, it was created to cheer you up!

    04/13/2010 5-00 pm Update for those especially frightened. At this stage, the netbook looks like this:

    But it will not remain so for long. While I have plans for how to transfer a drawing to it and age it.

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