RACIOS 2.0 beta


    Racios is pleased to present you its updated interface, with a redesigned technical part, improved usability and a more thoughtful time management approach! The new version is located at: www.racios.com

    A few words about the project for those who do not know about it: Racios is dedicated to time management. The project collected the key ideas of time management and presented them in a convenient online version. Since the first release, the project has gathered a solid audience and, even subject to many technical flaws, users show strong loyalty. This release contains only the very core of the project, all additional applications will be introduced during April.


    In a nutshell, in each direction:

    Technical part - the project now flies in Python & Django!
    Usability - No Reload Pages!
    TM approach - Weekly and monthly plans have become more convenient, and goals are now visually arranged in 3 “baskets”: A, B, C (Bodo Schaefer's concept).
    English version - the project has been translated into English.
    Offline version - getting ready for release.

    Our plans for April:

    • Raise all applications (pinarik, regular affairs, projects, task box)
    • Make a PDF version
    • Translation of the project into Ukrainian, German, French
    • Make sync with google cal
    • Finish Iphone Application Development
    • Release the offline version (alfa is ready, we are waiting for the official release of Adobe Air 2, on which the application is written)

    Once again, many thanks to everyone who is with us, believes in the project and regularly supports us with warm reviews!

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