9th Podcast of Petersburg Group Alt.Net

    Reactive Extensions for .NET (Rx)

    participated Vitaly Baum and Dmitri Nesteruk

    of Sun Tech 2010 The Days habrahabr.ru/blogs/Sun/90545

    the Visual Studio 2010 vs2010.ru

    DevLabs: Reactive Extensions for .NET (Rx)
    msdn.microsoft.com/en -us / devlabs / ee794896.aspx
    Dmitry's presentation www.slideshare.net/DmitriNesteruk/reactive-extensions
    and his article nesteruk.wordpress.com/2010/03/18/intro-to-rx

    Writing your first Rx Application
    channel9.msdn. com / posts / J.Van.Gogh / Writing-your-first-Rx-Application

    Another video about Rx, many and different
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