People's map: 1856 cities in one day

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Yesterday, we launched a new mapping service - Yandex People’s Map - with which you can draw a map of a familiar area with your own hands. We don’t know about you, but for us, drawing turned out to be an extremely exciting pastime: testing the People’s Card was carried out by Yandex employees, and in some cases we had to ask colleagues to leave the opportunity to draw to users. Yesterday, the first users tried to draw their cities on the People’s Map - mostly residents of Twitter, where we announced the launch - and this is what came of it. 

According to the results of the first day of the flight, 1856 contours of settlements were drawn in the open Runet. The easternmost cities are Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Magadan, the southernmost are Buenos Aires and Montevideo, the northernmost are Talnakh, Dudinka, Alykel and Norilsk, and the westernmost are Havana, Miami and Washington. In total, folk cartographers have already drawn: 17,415 buildings 35,000 km of roads 10,000 km of rivers   10,000 km of railroad tracks    952 km of tram tracks 959 forests and 1294 lakes, seas and rivers Life began to boil in many cities, for example  Volzhsky , Kemerovo , Suzdal

, Izhevsk , Barnaul , Tomsk and many others.  

To our joy, so far the vast majority of users draw honest, good objects. Hooliganism cases are single and, as a rule, are mischief - of course, such objects are deleted by moderators. 

While the project is in beta status. This means that we will actively refine and develop functionality, carefully listening to your wishes and suggestions. And since there are already many wishes and questions in the club, we, contrary to tradition, decided to partially voice our immediate plans. We will do:

  •   photo upload functionality,
  •   the ability to add signatures in different languages,
  •   point features - bus stops, attractions,
  •   API
  •   Web community with tools that will allow you to team in cities,
  •   and much more. 

And of course, in the coming months, we will begin to show People’s card data in search on Yandex.Maps - the results of teamwork will be available to a wide audience of Yandex users.

Of course, all this would not make sense without users who are interested and useful in the People’s Card, so we will be very glad to see you in the People’s Card Club and are open to discussions, discussions and suggestions. See you on the People’s Map!

Andrey Karmatsky and Anya Lamtyugina, on behalf of the People’s Card team.


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