Second Moscow Startup Crash Test will be held on April 13

    SCT MoscowOn Tuesday, April 13, the second Moscow SCT will be held as part of the RIT . Beginning at 18:00, you need to register to participate . Come, it will be cool.

    I think most habrozhitel heard of Startup Crash Test, so I will not describe in detail the format. Those who hear for the first time, you can see the description on or in the blog of Gleb Kaplun .

    Three startups were announced for the crash test:

    “” (from spatial - spatial, English) - a fundamentally new online service in the field of neo-geography. Based on a single platform of spatial geo-information, a set of convenient and interesting services is created for virtual travel, photo search, creating 3D applications, and much more

    “Gamayun” - “Last-fm for news”, a news spam filter that selects the most interesting for the user. The project should solve the problem of information noise by filtering out all that is unnecessary from subscriptions, friends and other things, and this is up to 80% of the incoming information

    “TimePad” - Free web service for organizers of public events.

    Also popular now: