University Tours - Russia and Ukraine


    Opera Software has a lot of good traditions, and one of them is university tours. Last fall, they did not take place due to quarantines in universities (some kind of flu was "raging" there) and other overlays. But spring has come, and while malicious viruses and bacilli slowly come out of hibernation, we will organize regular university tours to be held in Russia and Ukraine. So, the schedule is as follows:


    Navzhot Pavera - Product Manager
    Ilya Shpankov - Development Manager in Russia

    April 12 - St. Petersburg
    St. Petersburg State University of
    Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics
    Start: 12:00
    Venue: Conference Hall of the Internet Education Center of St. Petersburg State University ITMO , 49, Kronverksky pr.,

    13 April - Veliky Novgorod
    Novgorod State University
    Start: 14:00
    Venue: st. B. St. Petersburg, 41, 3 streaming audience

    April 14 - Tver
    Tver State Technical University
    Start: 14:00
    Venue: Lenin Avenue, 25 (Chemical Engineering Building), Assembly Hall, 3rd Floor

    April 15 - Yaroslavl
    Yaroslavl State University named after P.G. Demidova
    Start: 11:00
    Venue: st. Sovetskaya d.14, Assembly Hall, 2nd floor of the 1st building of the Yaroslavl State University


    Charles McKetiNevil (Chaals) - Leading Specialist in Standards and Specifications
    Aleksey Khlebnikov - Opera Core Developer

    April 15 - Kiev
    National Polytechnic University of Ukraine KPI
    Start: 15:00
    Venue: 1 academic building, Large Physical Audience (BFA)

    16 April - Lviv
    Lviv Polytechnic national University
    Start: 14:00
    Venue: main Education Building, Room 210

    April 19 - Ivano-Frankivsk
    Ivano-Frankivsk national technical University of oil and gas
    Start: 13:00
    place held I: housing FAE audience A14

    April 20 - Odessa
    Odessa National Polytechnic University
    Start: 13:30
    Venue: specified

    April 21 - Vinnitsa
    Vinnitsa National Technical University
    Start: 14:30
    Venue: audience 222

    By tradition, everyone is invited.

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