Commentary by representatives of Russian Space Systems on the situation with the Makhost company. Extension of temporary access to resources via FTP / SFTP / SSH protocols

    Official commentary by representatives of Russian Space Systems OJSC:

    In July 2009, Limited Liability Company, represented by Anton Gennadievich Sverschevsky, General Director, concluded an agreement on the provision of services for the placement of server (client) equipment on the technological site (in the data center) ) FSUE “RNII KP” (now - OJSC “Russian Space Systems”). The contract with was concluded on behalf of the agent - the limited liability company Mercury (now - LLC Oversan-Mercury).

    From July 2009 until the end of 2009, the service was provided in full, the fact of the provision of services from July to December inclusive is confirmed by bilateral acts between LLC Oversan-Mercury and LLC Over the indicated periods, Oversan-Mercury LLC, in the established order, issued requirements (invoices) for payment for the work performed (services rendered).

    To date, the company LLC has not paid for services for 5 months (from August to December inclusive). A letter requesting payment and an indication of the amount owed was sent by Oversan-Mercury LLC to LLC on February 17, 2010. No payment, reply, or proposal for negotiating the maturity of the debt was received from LLC, and therefore, guided by Articles 382 and 993 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation between Russian Space Systems OJSC and Oversan-Mercury LLC On March 26, 2010, an agreement on the assignment of rights (claims) was concluded, according to which Oversan-Mercury LLC transfers its rights to collect debts in favor of Russian Space Systems OJSC, while providing the necessary assistance in this matter.

    04/06/2010 Russian Space Systems OJSC sent a claim to LLC, in which it demanded to pay off the arrears and pay the penalty. Furthermore, in accordance with Art. 396 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the equipment of LLC is held until the debtor fulfills its obligations. In order to avoid a possible delay in solving the problem with the resulting debt on the part of LLC, being guided by clause 2.1.9 of the agreement on the provision of services for the placement of server (client) equipment, according to which “In the case when the payment for services was not made by the Customer in within one billing period, the Contractor reserves the right to suspend the provision of services without prior notice ...

    Given the current difficult situation for the clients of LLC, in order to minimize the consequences for third parties, access to the information resources placed at LLC is open by ftp, sftp, ssh until 07:00 p.m. 04/07/2010.

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