Electronic registration for the Russian Railways train - ticket export to Google and Yandex.Calendar


    When buying a ticket for a long-distance train, Russian Railways, you can use the electronic registration service. This is when you come to the train with a passport and generally without a ticket. It has been repeatedly tested and works great.

    I have three problems with electronic registration.
    1) [Burning] Toilets at train stations are paid. But two hours before departure and two hours after arrival, it’s free (didn’t you know that? Oops, the station toilets will now suffer from the habraeffect ...)
    If you have an electronic ticket, you can spoil free of charge only in comments, but not at the station.

    2) [Bureaucratic] If you are going on a business trip from an organization, especially a state one, then the bookkeeping department needs a ticket as a justification that you were not traveling.
    Electronic ticket - you are an electronic moose.

    3) [Basic] When approaching a train, you should know your car number! Otherwise, you have to go to the head of the train and look for your surname in the list - and if you came to the train back to back, then you might not have time!

    And to this particular problem, I propose a solution for the Griezanka.

    Your attention is invited to a custom script . Instructions for use for Firefox users are simple: 1) Install Grieznitsa ; 2) Install my script.

    Now, when you buy an electronic ticket and go to the page with information about it, then two buttons will appear in a prominent place - “Add to Google Calendar” and “Add to Yandex.Kalednar” (for political correctness). Click - and the corresponding event is added to your calendar.

    After that, set an SMS reminder, for example, 30 minutes before the train leaves - and when you arrive at the station, SMS will tell you the number of the car.

    You can check the script’s performance in the “My Account” section on ticket.rzd.ru . Open information about any old ticket, and you will also see Google and Yandex buttons.

    Kindnesses say that in Opera and in Chrome this script takes and successfully integrates.

    And yes, it's ppp.

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