Strange letters

    Recently, weird letters have come in asking for computer help. After answering one letter (he answered, trying to help, because it was curious :) the following comes. I don’t know this man, I have never heard of him and I have no idea who he is. The name and surname of the addressee are the same all the time, the mail addresses are different. The style of letters is striking. And if the first could be added with an exaggeration to an attempt to pull out the password, then the others are not standing next to it. The letters are obviously connected, and not by a computer, but by a person. Question to the habrasociety: “Have you had this? Spam, scam or UFO? What is the highlight? ” Curiosity has already tormented, I ask for help, thanks in advance :)

    Eugene, hello!

    Tell me, please, what settings of the mail program for the POP3 protocol are needed to work with Gmail. Similar Mail does not
    work, and on their site I did not find instructions.


    Eugene, hello!

    If you remember, you advised me to install Kaspersky Anti-Virus instead of ECET NOD32, which I had before. And you can’t tell how it is possible to get a continuation of the possibility of the work of ECET NOD32? I like it more than Kaspersky Anti-Virus. The fact is that Kaspersky Anti-Virus is some kind of pestering. They say that the best referee is the one who is not noticeable on the field :-). And Kaspersky Anti-Virus starts a “quick” scan for a long time at startup, and then, just now, it displays a generally “brilliant” message “The file is a Trojan. Disinfection and deletion is not possible because the file is being used by another program. Unlock the file. " And this is how ??? I have that, the button "Unlock" is there !? What do you need to do !? Kaspersky Anti-Virus means he himself does not know and blames the user for all possible wrong actions of the user. It won’t go that way. After this message, I clicked somewhere, there was generally some kind of stupid message, understandable only to Blin Gates (and hardly even that). And on drive A: although there is no diskette in it, Kaspersky Anti-Virus scratches so that it breaks it in a month. In ECET NOD32 there was nothing like this, installed - and no settings, everything is by default. In general, I applied a radical method of combating arbitrariness - turned off the computer. Plug from the outlet. Now Kaspersky Anti-Virus is disabled. It’s better for health. Mine. Computer is a secondary matter. But still. Tell me, please, if a return to ECET NOD32 is not possible, what should be all the settings of Kaspersky Anti-Virus so that it turns out to be a good arbiter,


    Eugene, hello again today!

    Sorry for the trouble, but I still have 2 problems:

    1. The computer, when completely disconnected from the network, began (for a long time) to forget the date, time and system settings. I removed the standing battery from the
    system board - yes, it was completely discharged. But replaced it with a new one - all the same. I checked a new element - no, it is not discharged.
    What else could be causing the system settings to be forgotten?

    2. Gmail mail for all the settings indicated on the link that you sent me does not work with the Microsoft Outlook
    11. The mail was transported for several days today this morning. Useless. I decided to try it on Mail, maybe the fool himself - nothing like that:
    in one fell swoop a new address was wound up. And you do not need to configure anything, it immediately works. Here, in fact, I’m transmitting this message from him.
    Apparently Gmail for supermasters, I don’t know why he is so problematic. And what are his advantages, by the way, over those of, say,
    Mail? Here you have, as I understand it, there is a corporate lateps, which is probably paid, and therefore reliable, but also gmail ...


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