Seminar "Searching for Music", Andreas Rauber

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Registration is open for the seminar, which will be held April 14, 2010, in the Moscow office of Yandex .

As part of a series of workshops Information retrieval and analysis of data will perform Andreas Rauber , Associate Professor at the Department of Software Technology and Interactive Systems (ifs) at the Vienna University of Technology (TU-Wien)

Report subject: Searching for Music

Searchin for music has turned into a widely popular activity, both on the web as well as within commercial music databases. Yet, building suitable techniques to do so poses significant challenges. This talk will present some of the challenges underlying the concept of music search. It will show the different modalities affected, before focusing specifically on feature sets characterizing the audio content using signal processing techniques as well as psycho-acoustic models. We will further take a look at the integration of textual features for song lyrics analysis before demonstrating a few applications for music search and playlist generation, ranging from mobile devices to virtual worlds.

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The event starts at 18:30, and you can confirm registration from 18.00 (it is better to come by this time in order to catch the lecture).

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