Rubber-Faced Woman


    Hiroshi Ishiguro, famous for the invention of the Android Geminoid HI-1 four years later, is back in business. And pleased with the new "artificial man." But if the previous version “scared teenagers”, then the new android, Geminoid-F, this time is designed for adults. This lady was first shown at the weekend in Osaka (just in case, we specify that the robot is on the left). The rubber face is so mobile that it can transmit subtle muscle movements. "To achieve" this from the robot before was not possible. Soft smiles, angry looks and smirks made - all this is now possible. The developers hope to start mass production of androids for use in hospitals in the near future. The cost of one copy is currently approximately $ 105,780. However, major buyers are expected to there will be research organizations in the field of robotics. Watch the video - pleasure is guaranteed.


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