Yandex.Study through the eyes of a participant

    Thanks to Google at least for the fact that after his arrival in Russia Yandex grabbed his head and changed his face. After all, it was after the advent of the American search engine that Yandex changed its development strategy, began to actively work on creating the image of a highly intelligent company, where it worked cool, began to actively hire developers, and began to work closely with universities.

    And after several Google Developers Day held in Moscow, Yandex decided to hold its Studen.

    I am not a student, but a programming teacher, but it is important for me to know what you can orient your students to. Therefore, I devoted the whole day on April 1 to this event. Below are my impressions of him.

    Registration was closed, they were invited by address via e-mail to participants in seminars, subbotniks or other Yandex events. There was no information on the corporate blog or other public resources of Yandex. Nevertheless, it was possible to gather about 600 participants who almost completely filled the conference room at the Radisson SAS Slavyanskaya hotel. At the same time, a critical mass of CEOs and other parasites was avoided.

    But it should be noted that so far none of the high-tech companies have managed the queue for registration :)

    What happened

    1. There were reports and presentations from Segalovich, Bakharevskaya, Sadovsky and others. The reports are funny, not tiring. But somehow more and more about love. About the love of these people for Yandex. They wanted to share this love with the audience.

    2. There were stands at the School of Data Analysis and the Yandex Internship Program, where you could talk with people in charge of these areas, find out more about the programs and ask a bunch of questions.

    3. There was an impromptu computer class, where in breaks a mini-cup for search and a tournament of assessors took place.

    4. There were a sufficient number of breaks during which it was possible not only to have a good meal, but also to informally communicate with famous media people from Yandex, which were plentiful that day. This is Lena Kolmanovskaya, and Roman Ivanov and Grigory Bakunov, as well as Anton Volnukhin, Andrei Sebrant, Ilya Segalovich and other stars. And this part seems to me the most interesting and useful. Because the interlocutors are all excellent. And they create the image of the company as a possible future place of work, much better than various reports, presentations and new services.

    What I would like

    Less pointed hiring. In addition to the message “It's cool to work with us”, there were also accompanying messages. You can brag about your success, there is nothing wrong with that. But it would be nice to talk a little more about beautifully solved problems, as well as about unsolved problems.

    It was not clear to me what the people who want to go to work in Yandex will do, what tasks they will solve. And beyond this incomprehensibility, the idea arises that at first they will be engaged in completely uninteresting things: typesetting, auxiliary functions, moderation, process support, etc.

    That is, a little less general words on the topic of how cool it is in Yandex, a little more formulas, a little more specifics about trends in the development of Internet technologies, about a vision for the future. After all, the audience was educated and eager for a new one. So that people who are not going to go to work in this wonderful company can get interesting ideas and thoughts for independent projects.


    Slides and videos promised to lay out.

    But the conference was lively and interesting. And honestly, thank you for this opportunity to chat with wonderful people.

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