In the world of abus

    Today came an abus (who does not know this complaint) about the content on the site (I recall - I have a site with content like on Nothing out of the ordinary. As always, the wording is standard (hereinafter referred to as quotation).

    These actions violate the exclusive rights provided for in paragraph 11 of Art. 1270 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, namely: “bringing the work to the public in such a way that any person can access the work from anywhere and at any time of their choice (bringing to the public)”.

    and as always I answer with a standard reply, such as “I don’t have any works, only text and pictures, but the links lead to no one knows where, I don’t go there because I’m afraid to go there (and I don’t have to, like), so I can’t check what is there on these links - write there .. ”

    and then I pay attention that at the end of the paragraph there is such a text (hereinafter referred to as quotation):

    We draw your attention to the Decision of the Arbitration Court of Appeal of February 9, 2010 No. 09АП-26277/2009-ГК according to which LLC Rambler Internet Holding is held liable for violation of the exclusive rights of LLC Tut Zvezdochki to an audiovisual work as a result of illegal posting on the website www.rambler.rumaterials by an unknown user. The inaction of the Rambler administration regarding measures to identify the user’s identity, as well as failure to take measures to prevent the posting of materials violating the copyright and related rights of third parties, were recognized as evidence of guilt. In particular, the court noted that Rambler had the opportunity to suspend the placement of such materials until the claims were settled. The court considered that the failure of the provider to use its powers to prevent unlawful actions actually means its participation in the unlawful bringing of the audiovisual work to the public.

    oh how! Does anyone know what the decision is. Really began to press search engines for the presence of links to allegedly illegal files. And if so, then soon Russian search engines will stop indexing such content and everyone will run away to Google ... Or am I mistaken?

    ps the decision is aimed both at the "Hosting Provider" and not as a search engine - this is better ...

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