Twist and twist, I want to collect

       The creators (hereinafter referred to as Intel) of such game masterpieces as “Mighty Defender” and “Nanogonoschik” present a new flash-game - “ IT puzzle



       A rare company did not make flash toys ... but Intel once again did everything soundly, honestly - it’s nice to spend a couple of minutes effortlessly.

    imageThe legend for the game is written beautiful and is breathtaking from the first lines - they say, IT and server, they say you lost the key and you can go back only by collecting the puzzle) So, the main task is to assemble a picture (each time different) from pieces of the puzzle, for each of which will have to fight. All you need is to answer technically difficult questions (in one game for each element of the mosaic you can compete three times - at three difficulty levels), and as quickly as possible.

       The game is only to test your knowledge, but the top ten smartest and fastest will get symbolic prizes - land in Normandy, a private castle in Croatia, a yacht and a fighter Skypik phone for IP-telephony, a stylish universal belt or a practical flashlight.


       Okay, prizes - it was just interesting to test yourself ... and with a clear conscience I declare - the level of knowledge is limping on both legs. Nevertheless, on the first attempt he passed, taking thirty some place in the overall standings.

    [ Play ] :: [Previous games: Nano-racer / Mighty Defender ]

    Happy Friday and good mood!

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