what if Yandex would be a state corporation

    Firstly, it would not be called Yandex. It would be called the SCC SPI “YASEN.RU”. This would be much clearer than the current bourgeois Yandex: State Telecommunication (this is the closest industry, well, what can you do here) Search and Indexing Company YASEN.RU. "RU" is a must. Otherwise, people will think that this is some kind of backward useless garbage to no one.

    “ASH” (necessarily in capital letters) - this is very patriotic and simply condemns to the same enchanting success that the Topol-U combat complex has. What can I say, the slogan immediately comes to mind: "I asked Yasen ...". Feel it? How patriotic has it become? Something warm passed right through your body and you purred thoughtfully “... where is my darling ..” Not that dull “Everything will be found.” And of course the design will be different. Orange will be replaced by crimson. Links will be blue. And during authorization they will ask you to enter your passport number.

    Further, ASH will not index anything at all. By design. For your site to be indexed, you need to submit an application. Mandatory in paper form with signature and seal. Better yet, with a admin photo. Further, the emergence and promotion of your site for issuance will be fraught with several procedures: adding to the search database, compiling a site map, analyzing the contents of its pages, analyzing external links to the site, generating the TIC, and issuing itself. Each stage will require the collection of new documents, coordination with ROSPOTREBNADZOR, with the military (ASH Telecommunications Company), with the tax, with the public chamber, with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and SANEPIDEMNADZOR. Seoshniki will provide services "Help in the design of the site", which will imply you know what. And it will be beautiful Runet: without doorways and satellites, without Viagra and American English. All texts will be written for people, and the passport number, address of registration and photo of the administrator, banned the presidential aide, can be found in a few minutes. Yes, and there will not be all these scandals with the Dymovskys, Lukoil bosses and VTB cuts, it will be so calm.

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