Music room in the Moscow office of Yandex

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In the morning, when the early ones had not arrived yet, and the later ones had already gone to bed, on the sixth floor of the Red Rose you can hear two characteristic sounds - the hum of a vacuum cleaner and muffled beats on a drum barrel. The same barrel (and if you listen - and everything else) can be recognized in the late evening. Sometimes on weekends and holidays.

These are the sounds of music. Their source is the “music room”. Absolutely not underground, but a legalized room for playing music in short moments of rest. Room and tools are always available to all Yandexoids. This is very convenient - no need to rush anywhere, you can work, and then play. Or vice versa.

A group of comrades called the Office Band “knead their fingers” there regularly. And if you get into the “music room” during rehearsals, you can catchthese guys .


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