A note on how best to sit in front of a computer

    Most of us, including you,% username%, spend a lot of time in a sitting position in front of the monitor. At the same time, many people perform physical exercises and work out in the gym - this solves the problem, but only partially. Sitting for a long time is generally harmful (unnatural), but sitting incorrectly is an order of magnitude more harmful. Since most of us can’t give up long gatherings, we’ll talk about how to sit properly and comfortably — so that our eyes, back, and arms do not hurt.

    It is important to say that there is no single recipe that would suit everyone without exception, and many questions are individual. The main thing is not to ignore them and not to hush up - then you will achieve a result, otherwise you will probably be waiting for:
    1. Myopia.
    2. Curvature of the spine.
    3. Pain in the hands.

    First, let's deal with the details of our seat, in the train of life. Then I will talk about some tricks and exercises.

    Table selection

    The table is very important, a lot depends on it. Too narrow a table will not allow you to move the monitor far enough away from your face; too low a table will make you curl like Quasimodo.
    Looking through the catalogs of modern furniture stores I want to talk obscenely. It feels like tables are made for dwarfs living in a doghouse. As a result, I sit at a table of the 50s, 130 cm long, 90 cm wide, and 60 cm in height, my height is 178. This wooden table had to be repaired and strengthened, for now it is firmly in place, much better than modern ones. I advise you to carefully treat the old tables, do not throw them away, it is better to repair them, and even cheaper, by the way. If you don’t have your own, you can find a table in good hands or for a nominal fee with pick-up - such ads are not uncommon on the Internet.
    Of course, modern is also suitable, if there is a free amount, you can go to a decent furniture store.

    Choose what you like, but if the interior allows, then be sure to take a wide one - 90 cm. Just right. The question of height is quite individual - it depends on your height, but I advise you to take a margin from the knee put under the table in 2-2.5 fists.

    Monitor selection

    I can tell you plainly - big monitors are cool, I advise you to take them from 23 " , I have a Samsung SyncMaster P2370, it can be seen from far away. If you have a small monitor now, until you try a big one, you don’t understand, I don’t understand either. It’s very important to adjust the brightness so so that the eyes would not be unpleasant even very close, but at the same time so as not to have to strain my eyes and peer. I settled on the parameters: brightness - 12, contrast - 75, clarity - 100.

    Seat selection

    For the last two years I have been sitting exclusively on fitball with a diameter of 65 cm. On average, 10 hours each. Cool and very comfortable, I advise you to try. Cheap and cheerful. My fitball cost 1,650 rubles. This is less than any normal chair.
    Among other things, it has such useful qualities as portability (you can take it with you on a trip in a deflated form), you can swim with it, you can kick with anger (look only at the corners of the furniture), you can swing (jump) - very entertaining .
    Unlike a chair, a fitball does not resist your movements, and turns on the floor when you change your body position. It is very difficult to sit on the fifth point on it, even if you sit for a very long time, because it not only bends under your weight, but also presses in response, so the vessels are in good shape and there is no effect of blood stagnation, as is the case with a hard sitting surface.
    Also, the fitball straightens the posture , because sitting on it, you need to try very hard if you are trying to twist your back.

    If you bought a fitball and you are uncomfortable sitting, it means you are very lucky with the purchase, and it is just for you. This means you especially need to sit on it - when the posture is corrected, you will feel comfortable on it.

    Back exercises

    Our back constantly needs a warm-up, and is very grateful to us for it.

    In the conditions of a seat at the table it looks like this approximately: The

    exercises shown in the figure are useful for the back and abdomen, they can be done without breaking away from the computer. You can “move” your feet under the table while continuing to watch a movie, or just watch the monitor.
    You can also lean back in this way:

    And touch the floor with your hands.
    Such exercises can be repeated at least every 15-20 minutes, there will be no harm from them.

    Eye exercises

    If you look into the distance all the time, after some time you will cease to see well near. And if you look at objects close up all the time, you will stop seeing distant objects. This is because the muscles in our eyes are almost no different from any others, and when the eye needs to focus - tighten or stretch - you need muscle strength. When the muscles stop regularly straining, they weaken, and the eye stops focusing correctly, hence a blurry image appears as in photographs where objects are out of focus.
    To avoid such problems, you need to look into the distance, cast a glance at the close objects, and then again into the distance.
    If you have already developed myopia / farsightedness, I can advise you to watch the lectures by V. Zhdanov or go to the session.

    Do not sit at a computer in low light or read!
    Turn on the light first, then the monitor. First turn off the monitor, and then the light.
    The fact is that our eyes pick up the light with the help of the pupils, and they can narrow and expand. When there is a lot of light, they narrow, decreasing their sensitivity, when it is not enough - they expand, capture more light and then it is better seen in the darkness. After all, you noticed that if you turn off the light, you can see it poorly at first, and then “the eyes get used to the dark” - it's just that the pupils have expanded. And when you get up in the morning, the eyes first hurt from the light, this is because in a dream the pupils are dilated, and are too sensitive for daylight. It is worth noting that the dilated state of the pupil is natural, and in this position the eye rests at rest. Squeezing the pupil is an effort.
    When you peer into a monitor in the dark or read, the pupils are dilated and the light causes great damage to them!

    It is better to put the monitor away from the face, for this you need a wide table. Also, I advise you to move it during the day, when you want to put closer, when you want further.

    Gently rub your eyes with your palms - palming really helps.


    I hope I managed to draw your attention to the problem, despite the simplicity of the theses in this article. The goal was just that, so do not blame me because I did not discover America.
    I will be glad to comments and advice!

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