How not to drown in a sea of ​​tenders

    Good day, Habrasociety.
    Every day, organizations working in the field of public procurement have to watch hundreds of tenders, save information somewhere, somehow track results, make bids, request prices from suppliers, etc. Being one of such organizations, we gradually survived the mess phase and brought this process to one wonderful system. How? Details under the cut.

    To begin with, let me introduce myself, my name is Andrey aka hongten , the article was written in collaboration with Anya aka anlouc
    I would like to present a small draft to your court and just from the outside view.
    I was mainly responsible for its ideological content, and all implementation and programming lay on Ana.
    The entire project is written and implemented in one single company where we work.

    So. A couple of years ago we (the name of the organization, if you wish, is not difficult to find) grew to tenders, and not just tenders, but to participate in tenders throughout Russia.
    It turned out that there are a lot of them, even sooooo much. At first (like all probably) we printed them and put down on a piece of paper the prices, ex-word-sspr and the application from the client. Problems begin when you put tenders on the stream. Don’t you remember the honest xxx client? Does this client take the “original”? And then we participated? Why did you lose? A link to the tender remained? I had to rely on the memory of specific performers, which is not right. Similar problems are solved in different ways, some leave everything as it is and live in a mess, some look for specialized systems, but we went our own way and the way turned out to be right.

    To get started, we simply structured the documents into folders on the server.


    Original image:

    We threw everything into the Tekuchka folder for consideration, then those that are of interest to us were thrown into the "Design", processed and sent. Uninteresting ones simply threw themselves into the appropriate folders with the regions, while sometimes the links to the tenders themselves were lost, counterparties and others were duplicated. Gradually we outgrew this stage.

    Considering that the main tool of work for us, besides the Internet, is 1s, we thought that we should create a “tendering base” there. Anya - puzzle. By the way, Anya is a 1s programmer.
    We will still consider the final version that we are using now, although you can call it final with a stretch, there are many more ideas.
    Immediately make a reservation that this system operates in only one organization and is completely tailored to its needs. The organization’s specialization is very narrow - original consumables, and that’s all, it means no computers, stationery, paper and other rubbish. Than rich and glad.

    Let's start with what we want to see. The answer is everything! And no less. We want to know where, who, when and how to buy cartridges. Initially, the goals were more modest, but now no compromises. Impossible? Judge for yourself.


    Original image:

    Let's start from the main window. Everything is implemented in the form of a directory.
    Name - somehow used to put a month and small notes.
    City - everything is clear with this.
    Counterparty- state customer.
    Status - but this is interesting, there are several of them: for consideration, we do, in the process of pricing, we won, lost, track the result, the contract was sent, the delivery was completed and several others.
    Winner - the winner takes it all.
    The deadline for filing applications is the actual date, and with a specific time, there were nuances that the applications would end at 9 a.m., it is unpleasant to lose the tender because of such nonsense.
    Commentary - where without them, everywhere its nuances.
    departure date(hidden in the picture) - most customers accept printed applications, they do not care about the law and advanced technologies, maybe you have an EDS (electronic digital signature), but we need a paper version, because we have money for the purchase of cartridges for half a mult but we don’t have a system for checking the authenticity of the electronic digital signature for 5 thousand rubles. Accordingly, the date of sending the application is equal to the filing end date minus the delivery time to a particular city. In general, we request all dates from the courier service. Somehow we had an attempt to score the delivery time in 1s and even fill in the RF card there, the card was poured, and with the deadlines a bunch of nuances turned out to be, yet at the moment it is easier to ask them.

    So - in this general part of the list we can get a fairly decent amount of information.
    1) We can sort tenders by a specific region.
    2) Sort tenders for a specific customer without the need to climb on and other resources.
    3) We look at what tenders are relevant, how much to do today, tomorrow, etc.
    4) We can see who won specific tenders in a particular region.

    The main thing here, of course, is the status system . About her in more detail.
    Here you need to understand how we work with tenders. Initially, they are entered into the database (the client is put down, the documentation is saved, the deadlines are set) and they are assigned the status - “for consideration”, the individual person responsible for the decision on participation looks at them and changes their statuses to “do”, “track the result” and others . If the status is “do”, then the person who entered them into the database already puts the item in the tender and changes the status to “in the process of pricing”, as soon as the status has changed, prices are put down and documentation is drawn up. Next, we give a letter to the courier service and set the status - “application sent”. But this is not the end, most of this is limited, we check whether the application has reached the recipient (it happens that Aunt Lucy didn’t give it to Uncle Vanya, it happens that the documentation runs inside the organization for a week, and so on), if so, then we set the status “waiting for the result” and do not worry about the protocol. It may seem like a tricked out system to you, but in fact it is quite simple and convenient to use, 2 people interact with each other and we control each stage of the tender preparation.

    Another caveat is how these tenders fall into 1s. At the moment, with pens, there is a person who looks at them and brings them there, since the specificity is narrow and this is possible. As far as I know, this stage can be automated, but this is global enough and our knowledge is currently not enough for this. By the way, we enter all tenders that we find in the database, and not just those in which we participate.

    Already not bad, but this is not enough for us.
    What happens if you open a tender from the list.

    On the example of a lost tender:


    Original image:

    Files - here we store the documentation for the tender, notices, quotation bids.
    TIN- Please note that we hammer state customers by TIN so as not to duplicate them in the directory and not to score again each time.
    To the right of the TIN there is a special status - the status of the Counterparty , on the basis of the history of participation it can be: honest, dishonest, take compatibility, and several others. Yes, yes, now we have a base of all corrupt officials and those with whom they work.
    SPSR invoice: we drive in the number of the envelope with the quotation request in order to track receipt.
    Internet address: can be opened directly from 1s.

    Price request. We put down the nomenclature that appears in those. task. Then we click “fill in prices” and we get the current official purchase prices (by the way, they are downloaded from us every 3 days and change automatically depending on the dollar exchange rate). Then we put down the sale price. In addition, the remaining goods in the warehouse are visible here, how many of them are in reserves and how many have already been ordered. The data is dynamic and relevant.
    By the way, it would be possible to fasten a button here with an automatic margin of 1-2-3-10 percent in order to get prices under a quote, but I just don’t remember the last time we won a tender with a price higher than the purchase price, probably in others industries and it is possible ...
    Request a quote to the supplier- originally it was planned to automatically send out the tabular part of the tender to the specified email addresses, the thing is convenient, but we, unfortunately, do not use it because of the specifics of the work.
    Buyer’s order - if the tender is won, then by clicking on this button we can automatically receive the buyer's order in 1s (account) where it is already possible to put down reserves, from which we will already proceed from the orders of goods to suppliers and sales.

    On the example of a won tender:


    Original image:

    Here the delivery time is filled in, the invoice for which the contract was sent, and the invoice for the cargo when the delivery is completed.
    Also, through the button, we see that the goods arrived, that the goods were sold, that the client paid. Everything is clear and informative.

    If we click on the “Print” button, we get:


    Original image:

    This printed form can be directly inserted into the quotation request, almost without editing in Excel (there are some nuances about the fact that nomenclature names must match).

    By the way, it would be possible to fasten the automatic downloading of the item from the quotation request here, but, unfortunately, the customers write what they want and write what they want.
    And still it would be possible to fasten the automatically filled in quotation request, but everyone has their own form.

    As a result, information relating to all stages of the tender processing is consolidated in one program, always at hand and relevant.

    Do not judge strictly, I'm sure that someone uses similar solutions, someone is better, and someone still writes with pens on pieces of paper and wins tenders ten times more than we do. Thank you for your attention and special thanks to akamuza for the opportunity to share with you :) If you have questions, we will be happy to answer.

    UPD. Thanks for the karma - transferred to "My Business"

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