Tele2 :: Roaming

    As a self-respecting geek, I use my smartphone not only for calls, but also for other goodies, for example, I use it as a navigator.
    As a self-respecting geek who does not want to pay a lot of money, I use the services of Tele2.

    I recently encountered such a problem: in roaming SMS from A-bank does not reach me. And also does not work in roaming Ovi Maps - says that there is no license (honestly purchased, pedestrian).
    I thought for a long time what could be the matter - the loss of the phone helped, oddly enough. SMS from the bank did not come to the new SIM card, and the cards did not work either. It was then that I realized that in roaming, which Tele2 has implemented different from standard methods, IMSI cards are changing. On this occasion, I called the operator, ate the brain of an unhappy girl - and received in response that "services abroad are limited."

    And now a question for T2 representatives on the hub - can you do something about this? I don’t want to take 2 licenses, transfer SMS number from the bank to another SIM card for each trip - too ...

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